Guillaume Douchement aka " Levios "

Developper - Designer - GFX/VFX - Compositor - Esport

I'm 25, french and I'm a developper, but not only.

I'm an esport player, coach and manager since 2011, designer, gfx - vfx and compositor.

I'm a self-taught, I spend major time to learn what's interest me.

I can't define me as someone or something, i would say that I'm unique.
I say that because I don't have few passions and hobbies. For me, everything is an interest and inspiration to get.

First of all, i was a cook, in multiple types of restaurations. Then a seller and now a developper.
I don't have a typical career, made totaly differents jobs. In the same time, I was and I'm actively in the esport sphere.
Also, I learned a lot to be gfx - vfx, designer and developper to use my knowledge to build my esport team.
I liked to be a developper, that's why I did a licence and know a master 2. I want to make my career as a developper.

To talk about me as a developper, i'm a web and software developper.
For web, i'm a fullstack javascript developper. SQL, Node, React, Express, SQLite, Pug, Electron are the technologies i mostly use.
For software, i use Java, because of my licence but i'm also interested in Python and C#.
To be honest, I'm mostly focus on the web but i'm not closed to it.

You can download my CV by clicking on the button ->

Technologies :

Javascript - SQL - Nodejs - Expressjs - Reactjs - Pugjs - SQLite - Electronjs

Experience :

From April 2019 to July 2019 : Fullstack Javascript Developper - internship
- Nodejs modules developement
- Reactjs and React native UI/UX interfaces
- Jest functionals and unitaries testing

Personal skills :

- 9+ years in esport
- 8+ years Designer, GFX/VFX
- 5+ years Web developpement (HTML, CSS, JS)

coming soon ...

coming soon ...

You can email me at :

My social medias are under update, stay tuned !